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March on the Temple | by Luke (fka LBLP™)
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March on the Temple

"Because the council did not trust you, my young apprentice. I believe you are the only Jedi with knowledge of this plot. When the Jedi learn what has transpired here, they will kill us. Along with all of the senators."

"I agree. The council's next move will be against the senate."

"Every single Jedi, including your friend, Obi-Wan Kenobi, is now an enemy of the Republic."

"I understand, Master."

"You must move quickly, the Jedi are relentless. If they are not all destroyed, it will be civil war without end. First, I want you to go to the Jedi Temple. We will catch them off balance. Do what must be done, Lord Vader. Do not hesitate, show no mercy. Only then will you be strong enough in the dark side to save Padme."

"What about the other Jedi spread across the Galaxy?"

"Their betrayal will be dealt with. After you have killed all the Jedi in the Temple. Go to the Mustafar system. Wipe out Viceroy Gunray and the other Separatist leaders. Once more the Sith will rule the Galaxy. And...we shall have..peace."

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Taken on January 7, 2012