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Antigonon leptopus (Coral Vine) | by Luigi Strano
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Antigonon leptopus (Coral Vine)

Antigonon leptopus, or Coral Vine, is a native of Mexico. It is a fast growing, evergreen vine, climbing with tendrils that will reach 40 feet (13 meters). Leaves are dark green heart-shaped to arrowhead-shaped to 5 inches (12 cm) long. It produces edible tubers.Blooming Time: From midsummer to fall, the plant is adorned with small rose pink flowers.Antigonon leptopus, commonly known as Mexican Creeper, coral vine or San Miguelito Vine, is a species of flowering plant in the buckwheat family, Polygonaceae, it is a perrenial, that is native to Mexico. It is a vine with pink or white flowers.Antigonon leptopus is a fast growing climbing vine that holds via tendrils, and is able to reach 25ft or more in length. It has cordate (heart shaped), sometimes triangular leaves 2½ to 7½ cm long the flowers are borne in panicles, clusted along the rachis producing pink or white flowers from spring to autumn, it forms underground tubers and large rootstocks, it is a prolific seed producer, the seeds float on water, the fruit and seeds are eaten and spread by a wide range of animals such as pigs, raccoons and birds.


Le piante appartenenti a questa specie sono arbusti originari del Messico. L'altezza massima si mantiene al di sotto dei 6 metri , nel porre a dimora questa pianta ricordiamo che si può allargare fino a 2 metri . Nell'arco di alcuni anni le piante di questa specie hanno lo sviluppo di rampicanti, è bene posizionarle nei pressi di una parete. In Italia vegetano bene in Sicilia

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Taken on October 17, 2010