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day five outtake

This was taken by my brother, Fred.

He's five.


Last couple weeks or so, Fred's come into my room when I'm messing around with my camera and asked if he can have a go. I set it on aperture priority at about 2.8, autofocus, and let him goof around with it. The other day when I was playing with the sheet, Fred asked if he could help again. I said sure, set him down on the ground and told him to keep pressing the button while I flapped the sheet around. I was incredibly surprised to see this when I took the camera back!


This photo's made me think a lot about photography. I know that Fred didn't take this photo on purpose: it was one of many blurry, crooked ones that just happened to turn out really well. It made me think about how much of my photography, or photography in general, is pure, five-year-old luck and how much of it requires any actual skill. Obviously there are moments when you just have to be in the right place at the right time, but I think that, with the growing advent of super-nice, super-capable cameras, there is less skill needed from the human, as the camera does a lot of the work for you. This realization made me a bit worried, to be honest. I've been scraping through my photos, trying to see how many of them are "me" and how many of them are "camera'. I'd say it's about 50/50.


So... I don't know. Maybe it's time for me to experiment with some older cameras that can't do everything for you, and maybe it's time for me to step up my game with my digital. Have you ever had an experience like this? The old saying is "A monkey can take a picture" - how evolved do you think we are from a monkey?

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Taken on September 2, 2012