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Pink Standard Poodle | by poodlephile_lucy
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Pink Standard Poodle

OK, it is possible that Pink Poodles exist only in the imagination. But I am not convinced. Last Easter, my (Crazy Poodle Lady) mother dyed her White Standard Poodle hot pink. Certainly, Miss Poo (aka Grand Duchess Anastasia) was hard to miss on their 8-dog walks every afternoon. There is a certain fascination amongst even the loftiest of breeders and officials of Poodledom about the Pink Poodle. I, for one, believe…just as I believe in

“Pierre Cottontail” (the Easter Poodle) and in “Poodolph, the Red-Nosed Show Poodle” while I remain a little skeptical about the the Tooth Fairy. Nonetheless, there does seem to be a measure of magic remaining in the Poodle World.


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Taken on December 31, 2008