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1* Tag 5 friends.

2* Use a picture of your first BJD.

3* Answer the questions!




1. What sculpt is/was your first doll?

Pukipuki Dark Rose Ruby


2. Do you still own this doll?

No, but I have reincarnated her as a Littlefee Bonnie, painted to look like her =)


3. Was your first doll your grail?

No. I just knew I wanted a pukipuki and this little one came up in the UK and so I got her right away. But it was love at first sight. And sometimes I still miss her a lot, but now that I have her as a Littlefee, its easier.


4. How long did you have to wait from the moment you decided on the doll to actually buying?

Not long! A few days! I got her from emmr_ and she posted her very quickly =)


5. Did you buy it or was it a gift?

I bought her.


6. Why did you choose the doll you did as your first?

I wanted a BJD but was a bit afraid to spend the money on a bigger one before I knew what they were like etc (I had Dals and Pullips first) and someone told me about puki's because they were smaller and cheaper.


7. Did you have a character in mind as soon as you saw the doll or did it develop after arrival?

She got her character when she got here, but pretty fast! It was evident straight away! And she kept it now she is a littlefee too ;)


8. Do any of your friends own the same sculpt?

I think quite a few of my contacts have puki ruby's now, but a lot of them have custom faceups.


9. If you could go back and change your decision to buy the doll you did as your first, would you?

Not at all as she was a great introduction to BJD's, but most importatnly, I met one of my very best friends in buying her so although I don't have cleo in this form anymore, she will always be incredibly special to me. Thanks so much Emma <3


10. How did you learn about BJDs?

A friend had little dolls called Ddung dolls and I saw her pics on flickr and got one of my own. Then I found Pullips and Dals and had a few of those, and then I found pics of BJD's and the rest is history!




I think a lot of people have been tagged for this, so I tag anyone who wants to play =)

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Taken on January 1, 2005