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Pleasure (1/52) [Explored]

<MY FIRST EXPLORE! I'm just so filled with joy! Thank you so much guys! Ive gotten 300+ views in the last 24 hours, and just so many lovely comments and favourites! Oh thank you so much!


Part of the 'A picture a week for 52 weeks... Week 1'

A picture a week for 52 weeks


Self Portrait.

I had a lot of new stuff to show you guys today, I was really excited and then once I started editing it it didn't look as good. So I just have this one to upload.


My Week 1

Well my week has been stressful. Ive been sick for three days with some sort of cold/flu. I've been off school too, so my immediate thinking is "Woopy! Photography all day' but nope... I spent most of my time in bed sniffing and sneezing. The few school days I managed to get to were stressful, as i'm in a new 'bilingual' school in London. The school is called a bilingual school, but i'd call it more of a french school.

I've been talking french with my parents at home for as long as I can remember, but never writing it. Suddenly making this transition from an English school to some french school was horrible. I can't write at the standards they can, let alone spell. So I'm trying my best, but we have so much work too, I'm scared I won't have enough to dedicate to my photography. Oh and by the way... I got a Pro Account :) Woop Woop!

There we go. Thats my week


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