Publication 'United Alternative Energies: Christina Hemauer & Roman Keller' (Danish/English, 2011)
Publication of the exhibition 'United Alternative Energies: Christina Hemauer & Roman Keller' at Aarhus Art Building, Centre for Contemporary Art, Århus.

'Christina Hemauer / Roman Keller: United Alternative Energies', the most comprehensive presentation of the duo's work to date, presents ten works of which four are new productions – installation views of the exhibition:

The Swiss duo has investigated the concept of energy for several years. One of their main areas of interest is the history of oil and its competing alternatives, notably solar energy. Often involving historical research, remembrance, performance and film, their projects focus in particular on the politics of oil, energy crises, and the pursuit of new technology.

A 36-page full colour booklet in English and Danish was published on the occasion of the exhibition. It includes an introductory essay by the curators on the artists' practice as well as short texts about each of the works presented in the exhibition.

Edited by: Latitudes
Published by: Aarhus Art Building
Texts by: Latitudes
Graphic Design: Lasse Krog Møller / Hemauer/Keller
Format: 36pp unbound / colour with black-and-white choir score / 254 x 180 mm / Image spreads form a single poster composite.
Language: English and Danish
Print-run: 200
Date of Publication: January 2011
ISBN: 978-87-92025-19-7

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