Catalogue-in-formation for 'The Last Newspaper' exhibition, New Museum, New York, 6 October 2010–9 January 2011
'THE LAST POST' / 'THE LAST GAZETTE' / 'THE LAST REGISTER'... was an evolving-titled 12-page free weekly newspaper and an incremental exhibition catalogue put together by Latitudes during a 10 week editorial residency at the New Museum, New York (6 October 2010–9 January 2011) as part of 'The Last Newspaper' exhibition.

Produced from a micro-newsroom placed on the third floor of the museum the tabloids were an archive in formation companioning 'The Last Newspaper’ 's exhibition, artworks and events, as well as being a platform for critical reflection on how information is produced, managed, recorded, re-ordered, and disseminated.

Each new issue was available for free from the museum galleries each Wednesday (Issue #1: 5 October (exhibition preview); Issue #2: 13 October; Issue #3: 20 October; Issue #4: 27 October; Issue #5: 3 November; Issue #6: 10 November; Issue #7: 17 November; Issue #8: 24 November; Issue #9: 1 December; Issue #10: 8 December), and was distributed exclusively in printed format – although some exclusive content was posted weekly on Latitudes’ blog and facebook.

The tabloids, design directed by Chad Kloepfer, were conceived by a specially-assembled editorial team. The published record of the enterprise was bound at the conclusion becoming 'The Last Newspaper' exhibition catalogue. Featuring over 100 contributors, including essays and interviews with participating artists, the compilation also brings together articles and special features around an expanded selection of work that addresses the news, the newspaper, and its evolving form and function.

A proportion of the content was based around the artists and partner organisations that participate in the exhibition, by means of interviews with the participating artists, opinion columns or features on the exhibition works. A second stream addressed the very conditions of the rise and fall of the newspaper as a medium, and the question, “How do you get your information?”. A third stream dealt with artists-as-journalists / editors / those using the format of the newspaper or the newsroom in their work.

The Last Newspaper news team: Latitudes with Janine Armin, Greg Barton, Irina Chernyakova, Collin Munn and Gwen Schwartz. Francesc Ruiz contributed a weekly cartoon strip entitled 'The Woods', Ester Partegàs & collaborators devised each week's advertising.

Contributors: Ignasi Aballí; Lars Bang Larsen; Judith Bernstein; Dara Birnbaum; Pierre Bismuth; Andrea Bowers; Shannon Bowser; Fernando Bryce; Luis Camnitzer; Adam Chadwick; Sarah Charlesworth; Emily Cheeger; Doryun Chong; City-As-School class; Ana Paula Cohen; Scott Cole; Christine Cooper; Holly Coulis; Marc d'Andre; Chris Dercon; Joshua Edwards; Patricia Esquivias; Jacob Fabricius; Luciano Figueiredo; Richard Flood; Angela Freiberger; Jason Fry; Simon Fujiwara; Dora García; Benjamin Godsill; Martin Gran; Hans Haacke; Ilana Halperin; Rick Herron; Ridley Howard; Marcel Janco; Adrià Julià; Chad Kloepfer; Maria Loboda; Julienne Lorz; Andrew Losowsky; Nate Lowman; Renzo Martens; Rob McKenzie; Simone Menegoi; Aleksandra Mir; Rodrigo Moura; Nick Mrozowski; Lorena Muñoz-Alonso; Angel Nevarez & Valerie Tevere; Sophie O'Brien; Damián Ortega; Alona Pardo; Amalia Pica; Michalis Pichler; Ed Pierce; Peter Piller; William Pope L.; Michael Rakowitz; Desiree B. Ramos; Christian Rattemeyer; Yasmil Raymond; Kolja Reichert; Mauro Restiffe; Kathleen Ritter; Kirstine Roepstroff; Julia Rometti & Victor Costales; David Salle; Mike Santisteven; Joe Saltzman; Ines Schaber; Paul Schmeltzer; Charity Scribner; Manuel Segade; Adam Shecter; Harley Spiller; Stephen Spretnjak; Joel Stillman; Alexandra Tarver; Mi Tijo; Wolfgang Tillmans; Rirkrit Tiravanija; Nicoline van Harskamp; Pablo Vargas Lugo; Sergio Vega; Marie Voignier; Mark von Schlegell; Haegue Yang; Carey Young; Sarah Wang; Warren Webster; and Jordan Wolfson. Thanks too the New Museum Facebook and Twitter contributors: aodt; Kristi Collom; Michele Corriel; djnron; Isadora Ficovic; A.J. Fries; Rachel Elise Greiner; Sioux Jordan; Eleanor Martineau; Acht Millimeter; Sofia Pontén; Jenny Pruden; Bonnie Severien; Kate Shafer; Liz Shores; Goso Tominaga; and Anne Wölk.

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