Library Project, Midway Contemporary Art, Minneapolis, October 2010
'Vic Cambrils Barcelona / Verges Cervera Barcelona / Viladamat Castelldefels Barcelona / Vilafranca Cornella Barcelona / Valls Collserola Barcelona... A Library Project', Midway Contemporary Art, Minneapolis, USA, 21 October–23 December 2010

In response to Midway Contemporary Art Library’s holdings of museum catalogues from publishing houses in Barcelona, Latitudes has assembled a counter-accession of +/- 50 self- and micro-published books and paper editions by artists. Each publication is the work of an artist, designer, curator, or publishing initiative based in Barcelona or Catalonia since 2005. Although some were produced in conjunction with exhibitions, the books – or in some cases CD editions, newspapers, etc. – tend not to be traditional accompanying catalogues per se, but rather editorial propositions in themselves.

The title of the initiative presents various playful corruptions of the title of Woody Allen’s movie "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" (2008) by substituting place names from Catalonia, suggesting a local alternative to the hackneyed cultural construction of Barcelona, as well as the depiction of the star artist.

The grouping of books includes, for example, work by Save As... Publications based in Barcelona and founded in 2008 by Irene Minovas and ferranElOtro, Crani editorial (Jordi Mitjà, Jesús Novillo, Carolina Trebol), and CRU the editions series initiated by Àlex Gifreu of design studio Bis based between Figueras and Barcelona. Although mostly single-artist publications are represented a number of curated projects are also included, notably Vade Retro, edited by artists Jordi Mitjà & Joan Morey in 2008.

The publications will be displayed at Midway between October-December 2010 before being absorbed into the library holdings. In addition to the book acquisition, Latitudes invited Barcelona-based artists Mariona Moncunill, Gabriel Pericàs, Mireia C. Saladrigues and Oriol Vilanova to intervene in the library through a series of specially-commissioned bookmarks which will be inserted into undisclosed publications throughout the library for unsuspecting readers to encounter.

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