Magazine UOVO/14 'Ecology, Luxury & Degradation', Summer 2007
Guest Editors: UOVO/14 'Ecology, Luxury & Degradation', Summer 2007

UOVO magazine Issue #14 (green) presented interviews, essays, projects and two CDs around art practices that resist the spectacularisation or romanticisation of ecological issues or the natural world. Instead their practices explore the operational function and processes of ecosystems themselves, a capacity to comprehend connections and transgress disciplines and boundaries while addressing the uniformly conflicted future of the planet.

Issue launched during Art Basel's Art Lobby on the 17 June 2007.


HELLO Adam Carr interviews Latitudes
Mark von Schlegell by Jacob Fabricius
Sergio Vega by Mariana Cánepa Luna
Ibon Aranberri by Peio Aguirre
Lara Almarcegui by Florence Grivel
Tea Mäkipää by Latitudes
Binna Choi by Nav Haq
Haegue Yang by Doryun Chong – read an excerpt from the Walker Art Center Blog
Tue Greenfort by Francesca Pagliuca
Christoph Keller by Max Andrews
Michael Rakowitz by Peter Eleey

Chus Martínez on Arturas Raila
Ben Cobb on the 1973 film 'Soylent Green'

Federico Martelli, Zwelethu Mthethwa, Ravi Agarwal and Noguchi Rika

IV. SOUNDSCAPES photodocumentation and CD compiled by David Toop on invitation of Latitudes
Chris Watson “La Nuit”
Rob Mullender/Isobel Clouter “Baorittaolegainuoer–natural booming”
Lee Patterson “Ox Bow Pool & Airliners”
Peter Cusack “Oil Field Soundwalk”
Louise K. Wilson “Nurrungar (listening station)”
Toshiya Tsunoda “Vibration through long and thick rope at seashore”
Michael Prime “Insectiverous bats / Tongkat Ali”
Jeph Jerman “Clarkdale Slag Heap”
Lawrence English “Storm-master”
David Toop “Artificial or Captive?”

V. SET CD compiled by UOVO collaborator Guillaume Sorge
Turzi “A notre père”
Metallic falcons “Four hearts”
BC Camplight “Grey young Amelia”
Pascal Comelade “The blank invasion of schizofonics bikinis”
Battles “Atlas (dj koze mix)”
Kalabrese “Deep”
The Blow “The love that I crave”
Kathy Diamond “Over”
Bill Callahan “Diamond dancer”
Poni Hoax “Intuitive star (Joakim mix)”
Dead cat in a bag “Nightride”
Map of Africa “Freaky ways (instrumental)”
Chris Garneau “Relief”
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