Portscapes_Ilana Halperin audioguide 'A Brief History of Mobile Landmass’
As her contribution to Portscapes, New York-born Glasgow-based artist Ilana Halperin has created an audio field guide available on MP3 players and online which visitors will be able to pick up at Futureland and experience through wandering the nearby area of the port edge.

‘A Brief History of Mobile Landmass’ is inspired by a perception of Maasvlakte 2 in terms of formidable geophysical phenomena and a geological sense of time. This 'book on tape' gathers a compelling narrative of fragments which draws on fact, fiction and personal fieldwork – as well as site surveys by volcanologists, geologists and the experts involved in the construction of Maasvlakte 2. It offers echoes, speculations and interpretations surrounding both the artificial and natural processess whereby new land is created. Recalling Jules Verne’s ‘Voyages Extraordinaires’, Halperin couples a wealth of scientific information with wonder and vivid description.

Audio files:

Making of video: www.youtube.com/user/LatitudesVideos#p/u/7/rTV9bYmhVCE

Portscapes is a series of art projects commissioned by the Port of Rotterdam Authority with advice and support from SKOR (Foundation for Art and Public Space, Amterdam) and is curated by Latitudes.
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