Portscapes_Fucking Good Art 'base camp' in Maasvlakte, Rotterdam
The artists Rob Hamelijnck and Nienke Terpsma, editors of the published and online magazine Fucking Good Art, are living and working in a ‘base camp’ on the Maasvlakte from the 20 August until 21 September while producing 'Portscapes_ON AIR'. Comprising a series of audio walks, field recordings and conversations with guests from different disciplines 'Portscapes_ON AIR' will be broadcasted on the internet (www.portscapes.nl).

Inspired by their camp’s proximity to the pipeline which carries sand from the Yangtzehaven to the future Maasvlakte 2, the editors of FGA approach their endeavour both as inhabitants of an industrial and man-made territory and in relation to the redistribution and displacement of knowledge. Alongside other grand movements of transportation and trade taking place in the port, FGA’s broadcasts take shape through encounters with others and consider the role that art and artists have in other registers of exchange. Starting from the principal that in order to really understand a place one needs to really inhabit it, and the question of how to represent a place like as Maasvlakte 2 which does not yet fully exist, the editors of FGA also aim to stimulate discussion about the representation of Dutch landscape. They hope that their project could be pilot for a further research residencies.

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