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Latitudes collaborated with Catalan artist Martí Anson (Mataró, 1967) in a specially commissioned project for its participation in a festival of independent art organisations taking place at Tate Modern (16–19 May 2010) on the occasion of the museum’s 10th anniversary. In response to the need to travel to London, Anson proposed to set up his own company, ‘Mataró Chauffeur Service’, in honour of his home city, and drove Latitudes from Barcelona to London and back.

Registering his employment as a driver, designing the livery of the single vehicle fleet and his uniform, and the journey to and from Tate Modern (including the ferry sailings from Santander to Portsmouth and back) all form a part of the project. The gold-trimmed black vehicle’s design is based on the original look of the yellow-and-black Mataró taxis from the 1960s, a branding later ‘stolen’ by neighboring Barcelona’s taxi fleet.

The car itself formed the basis of Latitudes’ temporary office-encampment in the Turbine Hall, and was parked up for the weekend alongside a ‘typically Spanish’ picnic scenario of camping chairs, folding table and parasol. In this setting Latitudes made a series of informal encounters with invited artists and curators, and presented publications and videos relating to its recent projects.

The 62 page trilingual publication 'Mataró Chauffeur Service' designed by ferranElOtro, gathers documentation of the project realised in collaboration with artist Martí Anson realised on the occasion of Latitudes' participation in the London edition of 'No Soul for Sale' (14–16 May 2010). ISBN: 978-84-936956-9-9

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