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Ignasi Aballí's new project for the eight display windows of the Today Art Museum's project space, the SUITCASE Art Projects, responded to the retail context of the Yintai Centre in Beijing [39.9 ºM 116.4ºE] as well as an artistic history of absence, nothingness and invisibility.

While some of his installations adopted the characteristics of commercial presentations, others adapted and enhanced the physical components of apparent emptiness, such as light and air. Following Walter Benjamin’s concern with centres of consumerism in The Arcades Project, 'Nothing, or Something' was preoccupied with the conditions and expectations of display. Using the everyday materials which he favours in his practice, including dust, found imagery and simple lettering, Aballí ‘reveals nothing’ with a conceptual charm and analytical rigour while addressing philosophy's central and most perplexing question: Why is there something rather than nothing?

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