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'Provenances' was an exhibition composed of three specially-commissioned solo presentations by Erick Beltrán (1974 Mexico City. Lives in Barcelona), Simon Fujiwara (1982, London. Lives in London/Berlin) and Jordi Mitjà (1970 Figueres. Lives in Banyoles, Girona).

The exhibition purposely coincided with the 2009 Maggio dei Monumenti (May of Monuments) in Naples [40° 53' N 14° 18' E], a month-long festival during which many historical palaces and private sites throughout Naples are made accessible to the public. The exhibition reflected on the heritage industry and the museumification of history, as well as the creation, transmission and fidelity of cultural worth. The artists share an aesthetic and pragmatic concern with the principle of the personal archive or the pre-museal wunderkammer – the categorization and veracity of objects, images and words is always provisional. As Didier Maleuvre discusses in his book 'Museum Memories' (1999) the past remains, naturally enough, in the past: the gathering of art and artefacts as a ritual encounter must, and can only, manufacture an image of history.

Via Alabardieri 1, Piazza dei Martiri
80121 Napoli

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