Incidents of Travel, San Francisco, 29 August–9 September 2015
As part of a two week residency in the Kadist Art Foundation, San Francisco, and following on the two previous iterations in Mexico City (Casa del Lago, 2012) and Hong Kong (Spring Workshop, 2013), 'Incidents of Travel' explored the Bay Area in September 2015. Three specially-commissioned artist-led tours – expanded studio visits – with outsider librarians Megan and Rick Prelinger (27 August), artist Amy Balkin (3 September) and artist collective Will Brown (4 September) and focused on the Bay Area and linked to Latitudes's current research around the carbon cycle.

Photos were progressively posted on Kadist's Instagram ( as part of their "Artist not at the Studio, Curator not at the Office" takeover initiative.

Photos by Latitudes and Enar de Dios Rodriguez.
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