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'Sequelism Part 3: Possible, Probable, or Preferable Futures', Arnolfini, Bristol | by latitudes-flickr
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'Sequelism Part 3: Possible, Probable, or Preferable Futures', Arnolfini, Bristol

Graham Gussin b. London, UK, 1960. Lives in London

Hypnotic/Dystopic/Optic (2009)

Record covers (left-right: Rollerball, Clockwork Orange, The Andromeda Strain (gatefold), Beneath the Planet of the Apes, Blade Runner). Courtesy of the artist

'In The Not Too Distant Future' (Self Portrait with Sleeping Masks) (2009), Black and white photograph

Courtesy of the artist


Graham Gussin investigates human comprehension and the parameters of our understanding of reality through suggestions of the unknown. Particularly influenced by science fiction, he engages in various ways with human experience, synthesizing ideas of landscape, vision and time. For the two new works he is presenting in Sequelism, Gussin looks again at the unknown and the

impossibility of clear vision. Hypnotic/Dystopic/Optic presents a ‘horizon line’ of rotating record covers for soundtracks to renowned dystopian science fiction films. The covers are set to rotate at the speed at which their images ‘vaporise’ at the limit of visual comprehension, creating a more hypnotic, coercive experience. 'In

The Not Too Distant Future' is a self-portrait of the artist inspired by a scene from the film La Jetée (1962) concerning an experiment in time travel following a nuclear war. The work depicts the artist wearing simple sleeping masks rather than the eye-visors and experimental technology used on the film’s protagonist. Gussin hints at an ironic relationship between the ambitions of human comprehension and our simultaneous ability to obscure it.

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Taken on July 16, 2009