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  • Laser is non-Lego, and shines from off-screen on the left, hitting the eye. See setup here.

I don't hate you

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This image is completely unedited (except for some contrast tweaking).

This turret went through so many iterations. I'm finally happy with this version.

For sale now!

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  1. the oneman 58 months ago | reply

    Hah , well done :)

  2. Louis K. 58 months ago | reply

    the effect works suprisingly well, looks awesome.

  3. Specter428 58 months ago | reply

    @ Captain Redstorm, Oh! Thanks for the info!

  4. Mangegr1 58 months ago | reply

    So awesome !

  5. J5N 58 months ago | reply

    Love this. Awesome work.

  6. eldeeem 56 months ago | reply

    How much would you be willing to pay for one of these? I'm considering selling some copies, and I have no idea what Lego creations sell for. $10? $20? $30?

    I really need some input.


  7. Derek Almen 56 months ago | reply

    I would say it depends on the piece count. I'm guessing there's not more then 200 pieces here, so $20 or less would seem the appropriate range. Probably at least $10.

  8. ~Tac~ 56 months ago | reply

    I'd say $15-$20, but I have no idea how much it would cost to buy all the pieces.

  9. poncнo☭penguιn 56 months ago | reply

    I reckon one would spend about €15 on this, so $20 sounds about right.

  10. eldeeem 56 months ago | reply

    Okay, thanks! :D

    A couple more questions:

    Should I sell it glued, or unglued w/ instructions?

    Also, would you buy it?

  11. ~Tac~ 56 months ago | reply

    Unglued w/ instructions.

    No, I'd prefer to spend the money on BL to make my own creations. This is a great MOC, but I haven't bought a set over $5 in 2 years.

  12. lLikePi 56 months ago | reply

    You should put a disclaimer saying that it doesn't come with a laser sight (and a visible one at that) or some people might complain after they buy it!

  13. bjh.atx 49 months ago | reply

    I would love to see a downloadable 1280x800 wallpaper of this image.

  14. Derek Almen 49 months ago | reply

    I say make it 1680x1050. ;-)

  15. ~Tac~ 49 months ago | reply

    Woah, why's Reddit so interested in this all of a sudden?

    (It definitely deserves every view, I'm just wondering why it didn't happen 9 months ago)

  16. eldeeem 49 months ago | reply

    I have no idea.

  17. SculpeyGuy [deleted] 45 months ago | reply

    Dear L D M,

    I REALLY wanted to buy your LEGO turret but when I went to the bricklink.com
    it said your store was empty. Could you please do something about that? I would so buy if its at least 20$ or under. Thanks! : )

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