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Triple 3's!


After I pumped out these two jams from tonight's ride I started to ponder, and I think the reason I turned them both black and white is because it seems like the best (or at least, the easiest) way to really capture the wet/foggy nature of the forest on these rides. All the dark and secret places in the frame that your little eyes want to go but can't, not unlike the wet and soggy places your feet want to go but can't :D


Also, it should be noted that I'm already feeling super awesome on ye olde Transition Bottlerocket. Two nights ago I went jumping at InterRiver park and was having a hell of a time making the last big jump and couldn't figure out why. I then ran into John W from work at the bus stop (awesome guy, shredder on a BMX and creater of FEEBLEBMX) and he was saying that rumours has it that those jumps have no flow and that I should try some others.


Well it turns out he was right - I hit up Loutet last night on the way home, and after dead sailoring/super overshooting the first jump on my first attempt, i got my flow on until I was too hungry to ride anymore. And then I dreamt of those jumps all night, and so I spent another hour there this morning on the way into work :D


So long story short, the Bottlerocket is completely awesome, and my street/dj bike is probably going to wind up as a street bike from here on. Transition Bike Co, I TIP MY HAT AT YOU ;D


(oh yeah, this is Andrew Summers - check out his photo stream because he takes awesome photos)

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Taken on March 25, 2010