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Magellan Clouds Over the Pampas | by lrargerich
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Magellan Clouds Over the Pampas

The Small and Large Magellan Cloud in the middle of a strong display of airglow over the never ending argentinian plains, known as "the pampas".


The green color in the sky is produced by airglow, a chemical reaction in the high atmosphere that creates a green glow.


Next to the SMC you can see the fantastic globular cluster 47 Tucanae. To the top-right of the LMC the tarantula nebula is visible as a bright spot inside the cloud.


The Magellan Clouds are galaxies that orbit our own Milky Way, located at about 160.000 light years each small galaxy contains billions of stars. They can be seen with the naked eye from rural locations in the south hemisphere.


Our galaxy, the Milky Way, is exceptional because most galaxies have none or 1 large satellite galaxies, only a few cases of two big satellite galaxies are known.


Finally the bright star on the right is Achernar.


Single shot, tracked.

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Taken on March 17, 2013