Spooky Rose
Welded steel rose, available from Spooky Bikes, made by Chris Traverse. Read more about these beautiful flowers here or order from Spooky.

Statement from Chris:

hey my names chris traverse. i grew up from a young age looking up to to brothers that lived down the road from me, they had a pretty sweet dirt track not to far away from the house. i grew into my teenage years dropping my skateboard and picking up a bmx and having what i thought were the bast times of my life.

as the crisis of my teenage years ending and my twenties fizzling away seemingly before my eyes i realized i had left the core of my childhood beliefs in the dust. friends, food, and bmx. i put the drink down and got up off the sidewalk and headed home to dad. he armed me with my old bmx and a shovel and sent me on my way, only to return to eat and sleep usually i spent most of the time digging or harrasing the local welding shops for spare work as per i learned welding after following the boys from the dirt track to vocational school, because we were all going to grow up and build bikes and ride in the woods.

well 3 solid years of digging and collecting tools we have a beuatifully well oiled trail scene, and i have aquired enuff tools to start working from home, just a few short minutes from the downhill dirt wonderland we have all dubbed Sunset Ranch. we eat togethr we ride together we cry together and we blead together. the look on my friends faces when they pull into the trails to see whats new to ride is the same look on peoples faces when they open up one of my roses, and i get the same great feling every time. a feeling i thought died a long time ago inside me. and i need that feeling like air and water. that feeling is the entire purpose of everything.

trust me, u might have just walked past me before on the sidewalk.... i was the one begging for your spare change... i thought i needed to drink and forget to live, boy o boy did Mr' Bicycle have another trick up her sleeve for me!

not all my buddies came along for this mission with me and its them i think about when i'm alone in the woods working on making a line better, smoother faster, and i think about them just as much alone with my cat and my coffee making roses that will make other people smile. i took that from my friends that couldnt be here with me... So they are always with me. vimeo.com/52273246

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