Last Day with the Seven Axiom S

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    1. erinandtyson 43 months ago | reply

      Like the new hair!

    2. Canadian Sailor 43 months ago | reply

      I do too! Makes me want to cut mine (I wish it was wavy like yours!)

    3. Lovely Bicycle! 43 months ago | reply

      This is what happens when I get caught in the rain. I'd much rather it stayed straight!

    4. G. E. 43 months ago | reply

      Those of us "cursed" with the curly/wavy hair never like it... I often wish I could give mine away. The cut is perfect on you - quite lovely!

    5. Lovely Bicycle! 43 months ago | reply

      2" ceramic iron = curse antidote : )

    6. armyofdeux 43 months ago | reply

      I say embrace the curls! Maybe I'm just lazy, but fighting them is just too much effort for me. Plus, once your submit to their rule, I've found it adds some cute variety to my day.

    7. through a pin-hole 43 months ago | reply

      I actually kind of like your hair not quite straight like that at this length, it looks nice

    8. Lovely Bicycle! 43 months ago | reply

      Thanks everyone : )
      Nice to be appreciated at my messiest and post-gettingcaughtintherain-iest!

    9. roddheino 43 months ago | reply

      Hallo Ms Velouria,
      Really enjoyed reading about your explorations of other facets of cycling.
      Pacelining is fun hey! The best thing (in my opinion) is how riders of disparate abilities can travel farther faster than alone.
      Since it's obvious a fast roadie is in your future might I make one small suggestion?
      Clearance. Make sure your new bike (whatever it may be) has clearance. Not touring bike clearance, but a good guildeline is clearance for 32 mm wide tires with fenders. This is quite achievable with normal off the shelf brakes, namely the long reach ones from Shimano, though for someone with your aesthetic sensibilities I'd suggest a bike built with mounts for the Paul Components Racer M brakes.
      The reason is that there is no downside, one can have a regular road bike geometry and handling with much more versatility that is possible with less clearance.
      Titanium is a fantastic material is you can afford it, but todays modern steels offer similar ride quality while being much less expensive. I had such a bike built for me by a local framebuilder, True North Cycles, in 2007 and have been very pleased (you'll note it is lugged, including the stem)

      There are some fantastic tires in the 28 to 32 mm size, supple light and fast, that transform any road bike upon which they fit. (Schwalbe Ultemo in 28s, or Grand Bois Cypres in 32)
      Again, no downside, if you choose to never run fenders or bigger tires there is no loss, but it's nice to be able to.
      ps my bike complete with cages and pedals weighs 19lbs with a steel for and mid level components.

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