MKS Touring vs MKS Stream Pedals

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    1. davidfntau 52 months ago | reply

      These are lovely looking peddles. I'd love a set of those for my Chinese bike.

    2. MDI-7 52 months ago | reply

      Notice how the teeth are different from the Touring! I only noticed that after I put them on the bike. I wonder if the Stream are grippier. I've heard a few people complain that MKS Touring are a bit slippery compared to vintage pedals of this style.

      Stream also seem a bit concave--maybe to hold the foot better? We'll have to wait for Velouria to try these.

    3. Mr Flikker 37 months ago | reply

      THANK YOU for this! So difficult to figure out on the 'net how wide various pedals are.

    4. Lovely Bicycle! 37 months ago | reply

      Glad it's useful. I love MKS Stream pedals!

    5. Mr Flikker 36 months ago | reply

      Alas, they would be too narrow for me -- too bad, 'cause the teeth look better than those on the Touring.

      Have you tried the MKS Lambda pedals? There's something really wrong about them -- they're narrow where your foot is wide, unless you don't put the ball on the sweet spot of the crank (does that make sense?).

      How about the Ergon pedals? They're intriguing, but not $80 intriguing.

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