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1) the next time i'll have time to shoot will be the end of this year.

2) but i have a couple already planned. :)

3) with the work load that students in Singapore get, it is literally impossible for a government school-going student to do a 365 project. (random fact)

4) I live for every one of Mitch Albom's books. They're amazing.

5) I've made up my mind to do University in Canada or the US.

6) When i grow up i want to never stop moving from country to country.

7) I'm the kind of person who worries my head of before something actually happens.

8) i get so ridiculously nervous whenever i have to meet new people. but it always turns out fine :)

9) I think Rupert Grint is so hot.

10) im doing a print giveaway soon :D For real this time :P

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Taken on June 13, 2011