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It's not science, it's art.


That's important for me to keep in mind when I shoot, when I look at photography.


It's not about a recipe, or a formula. It's not experimentation.


We like to call it these things because gives us a sense that if we try hard enough we can get it Right.


But it's not about getting it right, it's not about the result, it's about the activity we are involving ourselves in.


It's about that sense of play. With portraiture you've got two people getting together to make something, and all the juice, all the energy is in that.


It's not this Polaroid, this Impossible Project film that finally acts like the old film used to. It's not about getting the light on Laura's face to be a specific exposure, or making sure the sunlight doesn't blow out the entire shot.


It's not about her settling into the most favorable expression, or relaxing her shoulders, or getting close enough to get the viewer to focus on what I want them to focus on.


It's not about reason or logic, it's not about figuring anything out.


It's about driving away from dinner and seeing in your rearview mirror a sunrise that short-circuits your driving instincts, makes you pull over into a driveway and leap out of your car.


It's about looking across the roof of a Scion xB and seeing your friend with that same look on her face as you've got, having noticed the same light you did.


It's about two people making something, overwhelmed by the urge to create something, being on the same page as they step into the street, giving only half-a-care about the traffic coming from both sides.


It's about making something that, in some way, conveys what we saw that afternoon last week. What we saw with our eyes, what we heard in our heads, what we felt in our chests.


It's not an equation, it's a song.

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Taken on September 16, 2012