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    The 35mm version of this shot.

    People don't always want their picture taken. I've gotten out of the habit of shooting friends during social situations, sometimes I just want to enjoy the day, not Have to take a photo. And I don't want people to expect that if they're gonna hang out with me, they're gonna get their picture taken.

    There are occasions where I want to dial down the part of my brain that is always looking for a shot.

    Especially with Laura. I've photographed her so much, not every interaction Has to be a shoot.

    But then I'll see it, because while I've dialed down that part of my brain, I cannot turn it off.

    Which is how I found myself in the back seat of my own car, full and tipsy and with a touch of the Itis threatening to knock me out right then and there.

    And maybe because I don't always ask her anymore, Laura went with it.

    Or maybe it's because she's a photographer, knows the look that must've been on my face, the one that says, "this is it this is it must get this must use several cameras must get this I see it now must get it right NOW".

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    1. Justin__Case 42 months ago | reply

      she is cool.

    2. Turba Iracunda 42 months ago | reply

      Another great pic!

    3. Monkeyhang [deleted] 42 months ago | reply

      Haha, great story with this shot! Sounds a bit familiar... Nice portrait too!

    4. achuka 42 months ago | reply

      she's an actress - fabulous

    5. Film Exclusive 42 months ago | reply

      Sounds just like me when I'm out with friends. My friends always say..."you have that look on your face"..which is followed by...."the one where you want me to do something for a photo" And nice color from the kodak also.

    6. rosariosanz 42 months ago | reply

      I totally understand what you said... It happens the same to me when I take photos with Paula and Anahi.

    7. Lou O' Bedlam 42 months ago | reply

      Nayeem KALAM she sure is!

      Justin Case I concur wholeheartedly.

      Turba Iracunda thanks!

      Monkeyhang thank you! and yeah, I figure a bunch of folk can relate!

      Michael Thorn she is an excellent model, it's true.

      David Brown bingo!

      Rosario Sanz yeah, I can imagine it happening a lot when you're around rad people like those two.

      Mark With (Away for a bit) thanks!

    8. Lastien 40 months ago | reply

      Your words. That surge, that NEED even. So very true.

    9. through_mylens 5 months ago | reply

      Lou Noble man, how did you get such a high resolution scanner result, in such a light file??

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