The 35mm version of this shot.


People don't always want their picture taken. I've gotten out of the habit of shooting friends during social situations, sometimes I just want to enjoy the day, not Have to take a photo. And I don't want people to expect that if they're gonna hang out with me, they're gonna get their picture taken.


There are occasions where I want to dial down the part of my brain that is always looking for a shot.


Especially with Laura. I've photographed her so much, not every interaction Has to be a shoot.


But then I'll see it, because while I've dialed down that part of my brain, I cannot turn it off.


Which is how I found myself in the back seat of my own car, full and tipsy and with a touch of the Itis threatening to knock me out right then and there.


And maybe because I don't always ask her anymore, Laura went with it.


Or maybe it's because she's a photographer, knows the look that must've been on my face, the one that says, "this is it this is it must get this must use several cameras must get this I see it now must get it right NOW".

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Taken on August 16, 2012