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I've waited a long time for this film. This film is what I've been talking to people about since The Impossible Project started making film...two years ago?


People would ask me how it was, and no matter what I said about quality, I'd mention the fact that the photos cannot, CANNOT interact with sunlight once they've ejected from the camera. Not until they're done developing, nope.


I'd mention that and talk about the chemistry involved (as explained to me by the lovely Anne Bowerman), talk about an old episode of Knight Rider where KITT lost its bulletproof shielding, talk about how this would be The Sign, the signifyer that The Impossible Project had really Done It.


Sunday my college friend Tony made Jen and I dinner, barbecued some chicken, tossed it on some pasta with homemade pesto. Tony loves using the giant garden he's built in the backyard, and I love it too because it means free meal!


Tony and Jen are two of my oldest friends. My earliest Polaroids are of them.


So after a single encouraging test shot earlier in the day, it made sense to try the film out on them.


This here shot is taken at about 630pm. Temperature around 72 degrees fahrenheit. Back-lit by the waning LA sun. No shielding whatsoever as it ejected from the camera. Left it on a table inside to develop.


From the first test shot I noticed the film was a bit more sensitive to light than I'd expected, so for this shot, where I would usually set the light/dark dial just just off from All The Way Light, I left it right in the middle.


And damned if it ain't, if I do say so myself, pretty as fuck.


The colors are milky and a wee bit pastel, which is good, it's more like how sx70 film worked than 600, and as someone who only ever got to use a wee bit of sx70 film, I'm looking forward to shooting more.


Even with a filter (as this is film for 600 series cameras) the shot is nice & sharp.


Developing time was, as I had read in the Impossible Project flickr group, around 20 minutes. I'd glance at it occasionally, went from a rich dark blue to a vague image to a clearer image with a weird snakeskin-like stippling in the blue to the image you see now. Rather interesting.


And so, to the Impossible Project: a slow clap. You guys really did it. Took Edwin Land a decade, if I remember correctly. You done beat the master.

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Taken on July 30, 2012