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Molly, Relaxing Under All Those Faces | by Lou O' Bedlam
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Molly, Relaxing Under All Those Faces

Internet folk intrigue the hell outta me. Especially the ones we got floating around, nowadays.


Used to be, years back, you'd see their work (art, writing, music, what have you) and know very little of the person what made that work.


But now, ohhhhh now, now most creators give you some kind of window into the mind that makes the art you like.


Past year's shown me oftentimes, that there view isn't always what you make it out to be. Sometimes folks show you the truth, but you see it wrong.


Sometimes folks show you a lie, because they'd rather be that lie.


And sometimes there's Molly. Molly puts it all out there, makes it funny, makes you laugh with her, even sometimes when you don't feel like it, or are downright positive it's some kind of act.


It's folk like Molly I really enjoy meeting in person, getting a chance to see something of who they are when they're not crafting their Internet Personality.


And damned if she ain't so different. Helluva dame. Strange, funny, very self-aware, doing her best to enjoy herself. Has an odd fascination for the Tyra Banks-style turn of phrase, but even that finds a way to be endearing.


She's also more than a little fearless, willing to have me take her picture, even though she was covered in bed bug bites. (check her blog for the whole sordid story on that one. wait. There's a whole article on it HERE)


Good times, this dame. Restored my faith in the internet.




But she's swell.

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Taken on February 15, 2010