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Insert "HOT FOR TEACHER", Press Play

This week Megan found out she got a job teaching. Which is cool. She's gonna be a teacher at a private high school in the valley. Which...wait a second, that's where my cousins go to school! Will she be the teacher the boys talk about, the ones they think they could, under just.the.right.set.of.circumstances, make out with? will she play a starring role in their dreams of Becoming Men?


Back in seventh grade it was Ms. Katy, twenty-five, fire red hair, always wore skirts, sat on the desk when she taught. Always too nice, we made her cry several times with our antics. Which kinds of made her less attractive, knowing that she could be broken by a class of 12 year olds.


I'll have to remind Megan never to cry in front of her students. Because they can smell fear a mile away. And crying only tells them they've won.

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Uploaded on March 18, 2007