Jenn, Movin'

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    Sunday was the undercurrent of our time together. Sunday, ostensibly her day off, her time to relax, wear comfortable clothes, not worry about make-up or her hair, relax in the warm light of her condo, listen to some music coming from her iPod.

    But she's reading a script for work, thinking about her love life, wondering about her future, the improvements she wants to make to her house. There is no respite from her life, even on Sunday.

    This time she dances. Last time she was wrapping gifts, kinetic in her productivity. But this is Sunday, so her movement, though no less propulsive, is now less about creation, more about release.

    But here, like before, it is a joy to watch her move.

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    1. l . k . t ages ago | reply

      This is fabulous! I love the story, the series of images.

    2. JeroenJeroen ages ago | reply

      Nice triptych.

    3. briancondrey ages ago | reply

      Great series. Love your portraits and stories.

    4. Tod Brilliant [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Phew. I'm over it.

      In unrelated to this pic news, I'm at LAX and 'She's Like the Wind' is being piped through the speakers (the only part of airports immune to annual updates) and I'm cnvinced this song is part of an anti-terror measure. Any would-be terrorist would be instantly vaporized by this treacly pap.

      Oh now it's Linger by the Cranberries. I'm still a sucker for this song. I know...yes I also love 'Wishing Well' by TTD. In yet more unrelated news, I just rec'd a call while typing this from a former Free Advice 'client' who asked for help with the timing of his marriage proposal (didn't know the guy). She said YES and I was one of the first people he called. This Free Advice plaque is really something. . .even the tony crowd at Urth loved it.

      Typing on my phone tires me.

    5. jena ardell ages ago | reply

      you have a way with words... and polaroids...

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