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Friends that I Dug

So there's Katie & Matt, the bride & groom. They were of course spectacular.


And there was Shannon & Tuesday, Katie's best friends, who put me up after the wedding, took good care of this wary traveler and stranger to their country.


But there were really nothing but cool people at that wedding. Too many to name. But here's a couple of my favorites.


Jen (top left) was just a cool dame, met her the night before the wedding, at a party the Katie & Matt had at her parents' house. Laid back, scrappy, every time we talked was a blast. I will make it my goal to convince her to move to LA, that we may burn down the city together.


Dylan (bottom left) is a true believer, man. He's got SILVER NITRATE tattooed on his arms. The man is a high priest of Photography, and its higher discipline, Film. We spent a good portion of the wedding dinner excluding everyone else at our table by getting DEEP into photographic philosophy. Damn fine dude, this guy.


EDIT: the tattoo says Silver Based, not Silver Nitrate. I am old, and forget things.


Kay (top right) is a really good singer. I was unaware of this, at first. At first she was just a cool chick with a dry wit that I responded to immediately.


But then she sang during the wedding ceremony. I think...I think it was the theme song to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air? I don't know, it was amazing, I was very busy, it all got weird. But it was fresh. She is fresh.


And it turns out she's actually a musician! A real live one, with songs and a MySpace & everything! She's totally famous! And I have her picture! And you don't!


Idette (bottom right) laughs easy and often. She and Katie used to be synchronized swimming partners, there's a Katie West Fun Fact for ya! She was a blast to talk to and hang out with, she's got a smile that makes me smile when I think of it, and I was in no way intimidated by the fact that she's taller than me. Ehem.


More wedding Polaroids up on the blog:


Oh, and also, I forgot a blog link yesterday, so here's an alternate shot to yesterday's shot, also on the blog: RIGHT HERE

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Taken on October 13, 2008