Katie West is The Best Bride

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    I won't lie, I was fucking worried.

    Worried I'd fuck up somehow at the wedding. Or that I'd miss "the shot."

    Or that I'd forget to hand check the film.

    Or that the developer would fuck up the film.

    But it's cool, baby. I sat in the ambulance yesterday, checking the contact sheets, laughing to myself, relieved as all shit.

    But really, Katie West, Matt Johnson, suits, dresses, fall leaves, medium format film? How could I go wrong?

    Damn relieved.

    Polaroid (one of my last) of Katie up on the blog: blog.louobedlam.com/post/53446015/id-been-waiting-months-...

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    1. °IchBinEinBaum° 67 months ago

      your wedding shots of katie are awesome!

    2. Art3miss [deleted] 67 months ago

      that was pretty awsome man! ^^

    3. wikked one [deleted] 67 months ago

      nice setting, relaxed, great shot!

    4. absfwkhgfkwheg 67 months ago

      Aw this is so beautiful. I love all the leaves. What a magical setting.

    5. Keren Fedida 67 months ago

      really amazing. and yes i know how you felt about shooting it with film...

    6. bellybutton girl 67 months ago

      this is just so gorgeous, lou. as is the polaroid. in fact, i think i love the polaroid just a little more. *swoon* i wish i could have been there. i'd ask you to take my wedding photos but a) i don't know that i ever plan to get married and b) i'm nowhere near as hot as katie, so it'd be a hard slog. but you'd get to come to australia, so you know... it's a trade-off :P

    7. MARK - theyardie 67 months ago

      mighty nice L ..winner by a mile.

    8. vickeh 67 months ago

      I usually find wedding photography really dull, but this is a lovely exception :)

    9. © keico [deleted] 67 months ago

      damn beautiful. the bride, the picture...

    10. Lou O' Bedlam 67 months ago

      brady - that "zoom" effect is just an out-of-focus background.

      and she does. and thanks!

      corporate vampire - i concur. and thank you!

      lxsocon - thanks.

      lizardking cda - thank you.

      emily van ness - thanks, emily. she made it easy, i tell ya.

      jocelyn.m - yep.

      mooncici - thanks.

      keep woodstock alive ! - so here's the question: is this person crazy? is it some kind of bot? does this person simply not realize that this is not a "hippie" picture, but rather a wedding shot? too much LSD? so many questions, so few answers.

      dr j bowman - i actually think i'm quite good.

      janjek - thanks!


      megelizabeth_ - she is, and i will. just for you.

      johnnypants - thanks, man. fear is an excellent motivator, i'll say that.

      dlemieux - thanks! have fun at the wedding!

      kipernicus - thanks, yeah, it was serendipitous.

      olivireland - thank you.

      rawrimeanmeow - remember me when you're thinking of photographers.

      alex catt - thanks!

      linn heidi stokkedal - thankyou, linn heidi.

      videoplacebo - that works out, cuz she's taken, as well. it's perfect!

      howyadoin - thanks!

      jon s - thank ye kindly, ferocious.

      ian boys - thanks.

      xiao guai - thank you!

      tracy. m - thanks.

      blaise k - thanks, blaise. now go get married.

      jeroenjeroen - yep. no more polaroid being made in the world. there is now a dwindling number of packs left.

      the darling life - thanks, laura! i'm pretty sure every single one of us there that day felt the itch to get married. to anyone. immediately.

      yusuf alioglu - thanks.

      mothslayer - thank you.

      leahfranchetti - not luck, good taste! and yeah, we were both jazzed at the way the shots turned out.

      lililly - wait no longer! and i would be more than happy to fly out to new zealand. WILL WORK FOR PLANE FARE.

      rise3high - thanks.

      lu 路 - thank you.

      thedoublepeace - she sure is, lauren. thanks.

      sxyblkmn - jean grey & mary jane. easy.

      and yes, yes she is.

      ian broyles - ha! thanks, ian.

      theresa campagna - thank you.

      luriana l - thanks!

      un-exposed - i did my best not to.

      science - thank you.

      scandalustwolfe - thanks. at this point, yeah, lots of new people doing polaroid, but that's to be expected, as the end is horribly near. though i do wish it'd been this popular when i'd started, all those years ago.

      ::pelican:: - thank you.

      arty lee smokes - wouldn't mind doing another. having an assistant next time would be aces, though. and yeah, it's a bit nerve-wracking, but in this instance, was also loads of fun, cuz i had myself some great subjects.

      ichbineinbaum - thanks.

      jake - thank you.

      wikked one - thanks!

      little miss chloe - it was awesome.

      keren f - film FTW.

      bellybutton girl - you get married, i'll take pictures. done & done.

      theyardie - thanks!

      vickeh - much appreciated.

      © keico - such language, keico! you're sounding like me!! thanks!

    11. Tod Brilliant 67 months ago

      Now that you've thanked everyone with what must be a record-setting thank you list:

      You're an effing photo-star, Lou.

    12. [Ligeia] 67 months ago

      this is so beautiful
      how something could be wrong??
      with this bride and this photographer it went as It had to: Perfect

      really well done Lou!

    13. colourspace 67 months ago

      the polaroid is amazing.loving all these wedding shots.

    14. achuka 67 months ago

      such a wonderful autumn bride photo

    15. amy_shoots_film 67 months ago

      gorgeous portraits. awesome photostream......

    16. lifeonfilm73 67 months ago

      lucky you to get to photograph this at this time of the year and in such setting. gorgeous.

    17. katrina lane 67 months ago

      I want a shot like this on MY wedding day damnit

    18. twinfusion 67 months ago

      I'm still lovin' on dis... and nice meeting you Saturday!

    19. plarson57 [deleted] 41 months ago

      great shot

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