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Katie Looks Askance

I was hoping things went better this time.


Last time Katie and I had attempted a shoot, we'd ended up having to cut it short due to my then-girlfriend getting into a car accident.


Fearing similar voodoo, I decided not to drive anywhere, just had Katie come to me.


Fortunately, there were no car accidents this time. Or mishaps. Or kerfluffles. Everything went smooth.


When I first started shooting at my house, I was finding it difficult to make the best use of the various places to pose my models, but, with the help of my former assistant, I'm definitely getting the hang of the space. It's nice having a go-to space to use when I can't think of a location, or the location I do think of is way too far for a model to drive to.


This was the second shoot of the day, and as such several conversations carried over, including one about posing nude. The previous model was very uncomfortable with the idea, but Katie had recently done that very thing, and so it was fresh having an opinion from the other side of things.

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Taken on August 17, 2008