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Marcy, Getting Her Pose On

This was the shot that turned the whole shoot. Up until then I'd been coming up with lackluster results, just couldn't get into the groove. Then Marcy paints that smile onto her face, cocks that hip out and rocks the classic Sass pose, and it all comes around.


I like when that moment comes early enough in the shoot for me to take advantage of it, ride the wave, as it were. All of the sudden ideas pop into my head, I get a burst of energy, and everything looks like it's gonna turn out all right.


Last night I go to an art opening at a local gallery, and it's filled with The Beautiful People, even had some C-List celebrites, the lady who played La Femme Nikita(on the tv show), that chick from Criminal Minds, two guys from The Unit, and Julian Sands. But did I take pictures of them? No. Did I want to? Fuck yeah. But without some kind of connection to my subject, I'm just papparazzi, and that's just plain lame. I took a few shots of a few folks I met, but the night never turned, I never built up any momentum, and in the end I left with half a dozen shots, the best not of any of The Beautiful People, but rather an accidental gem of my friend.


Hell, I came out with something, and that's just fine with me.

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Uploaded on October 20, 2006