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Kimmy as POWER GIRL | by Lou O' Bedlam
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Nerds freak out over cosplay. Seeing that character they've loved in 2D suddenly strolling through the convention in 3D tends to send them into shivering nerd-gasms. Cameras are whipped out of fanny packs and oversided backpack pockets, pictures are snapped obsessively.


Often, the cosplayer is physically stopped, or accosted, all for a picture, or a creepy conversation about how "real" the cosplayer looks.


Now, when the ladies got themselves all dressed up, they knew what was gonna happen, they were well prepared. So they were able to enjoy the attention, because they all looked wicked good.


But me, i was a wee bit creeped out at it. Not at them dressing up, loved that, but watching total overweight strangers with their shitty digital cameras ("hi, i'm Lou, I'm an elitist." "hi, Lou!"), oogling over my friends, salivating at the thought of using these images back in their caves for...indecent things.


Fans are awesome. But some folks go too far. And it just so happens that Con is full of "some folks."


Also, I still need money for rent. Feel more than free to hit up my website and buy some prints, or even some original Polaroids!


See MY PROFILE for the website.


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Taken on July 29, 2008