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Carré Spooks Me Somethin' Good

Uploading in the few minutes I have between waking up and Nerding Out.


Because I just can't help myself.


You know the story. Us on the beach, way too crowded up above, smelly homeless dudes all around us. But Carré's gorgeous, I got film in my camera. We're gonna make some magic if I have to kill every hobo in LA.


Completely surprised by how well this particular roll came out.


Also, FYI, I usually respond to everyone's comments by the next day, but that's gonna be damn near impossible until maybe Monday, so my apologies. I love doing it, but there's just not enough free time, what with the Venture Brothers panel, and the Spaced Panel, going to every panel Grant Morrison's at and waiting in line for the Joss Whedon Panel, and making sure my friend Dan doesn't get arrested for being INSANELY drunk.


If I don't talk to you (because I've been arrested or am sleeping with a girl dressed as an elf, or a fairy or wonder woman), you have a good weekend.

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Taken on July 21, 2008