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Carré Under the Pier, Facing Out | by Lou O' Bedlam
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Carré Under the Pier, Facing Out

Carré and I spent tuesday morning galavanting around the Santa Monica Pier, which, really, horrible place to shoot in the summer. Far hotter than we'd expected, and also jam-packed with tourists. The Axis powers won the war, using a subtle 60 year takeover plan. It was all aryans and asians.


I used Carré to ward them both off, to mixed results.


We tried shooting atop the ferris wheel, but found ourselves conflicted between shooting and trying not to be freaked out about being far far above the earth.


Then we tried under the pier, where I've had some success in the past, but it was all flies and homeless dudes without shirts.


We settled for chatting while eating corn dogs and soft serve.


Okay, I ate both. She just had lemonade. But chatting was still done.


And here's a pretty face, so it wasn't a complete wash.


P.S. Make sure, should you get a corn dog from the pier, that they cook that there hot dog reeeeeal good 'fore they dip it in...corn?


Cuz the damn thing woke me at 2am, sounded like I'd swallowed a bear, way my stomach was growling. Sheesh.

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Taken on July 15, 2008