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Linn Heidi Poses, Clothes Get Washed

Naturally, what with all the running around we did, I didn't get to shoot as much as I wanted. I was too busy explaining laundromats, or why people think the South is a backwards ass place civilized folks have no place visiting. Or discussing why there's few black people, and even fewer Jews, in Norway.


Or trying to figure out how to make Roscoe's a great experience even though half the group are vegetarians.


But Linn Heidi made the shooting easy, posing w/little direction needed. I'm just going to assume every woman in Norway is this attractive, and go ahead and buy my tickets and move there immediately.


More people should visit. Seriously.


Also, frankly, I'm not entirely sold on this shot. Kristopher dug it, assured me it was worth putting up. Something about it wasn't quite what I wanted, which was basically a shot that looked exactly like a Polaroid I took, one that's waiting in the wings as we speak. One that I would've posted had no Kris insisted on this one.


So if you don't like this, blame that "pretty like a girl" freakishly-tall bastard.

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Taken on July 3, 2008