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Carré, and the Return of the Pretty People You Love

Before the wedding, a good week before, in fact, I did me some photo shoots. The shots have just been sitting on my computer, begging to be released into the wild.


Very well, be FREE, photo of Carré!!!


Carré came to LA young, brought by a rock star in the rock star way. This is not surprising. What is surprising is that when they parted, she stayed, decided not to let the weirdness of the place and the situation drive her out. So she's here, making music, playing shows, writing songs, recording an album, living her life with her boyfriend, who I know very little about, other than the fact that he is an excellent cook who can really work a barbeque(thanks for the ribs, Brian!!!)


A lot of the time, when I tell folks that I was actually born and raised in Los Angeles, they're taken aback. Because this is not a city of natives. This is a city of folks who come here wanting something, following something, chasing something, leaving something. Many of the folks I grew up with moved away, because this city is full of people from other places, so why not just Go to one of those other places?


Damn. The name of the guy escapes me, but I once read an interview with a journalist where he talked about why he loved the crime beat in his particular city.


He said, "because I understand this place, its darkness." That's how I feel about LA, it's why I'll never leave, it's why I like meeting people like Carré, who come here and end up staying, because there's something about this place they like and understand.


On a completely unrelated note, I wax weird on the '08 election over at the Back Alley Tabernacle. Come by, watch me use the word "fuck" a lot.

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Taken on May 29, 2008