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where is that light from?

No idea how that reflected light got on her face, but I sure do like it.


Ah. I was going to talk about something else, probably something about how awesome Blaise is, and how I could shoot her for a good long time without even thinking about tiring, but looking at this shot again made me realize another topic I wanted to broach.


Buffy vs Angel.


It's a nerd question, yes. But beyond that, it encapsulates so much about what people look for in others.


Talking to a girl I know the other day (not blaise), we were discussing our love lives (or lack thereof), and I mentioned how I had already crunched the numbers in my head, like I do for...well, all the women I know, and that no way were she & I right for each other. I gave her several reasons, but the one that really brought it home was, when proving to her that she was not Nerd enough for me, I asked her which was better, Buffy or Angel.


"I don't even know what you're talking about," was the response, I believe. And that was that.


And "that" is, deep down I think people are looking for someone like that to be with. Someone who not only shares a particular interest, but who understands the same cultural references. Who is both interested in and knowledgeable about the same thing as oneself.


Maybe. Maybe I shouldn't be writing this at midnight, when all my hindbrain wants is another piece of hawaiian sweet bread.


But I think I'm on to something, and this shot reminded me of the whole thing because Blaise and I indeed had this discussion of which was better, and we came down on different sides, which means we can at best be friends, at worst, the bitterest of enemies. The kind of enemies who have a grudging respect for their foe, a deep understanding, and that makes it all the more contentious.


I'm going to write it up as a thesis, and the title will be, Buffy v. Angel, and the necessity of shared knowledge bases in interpersonal relationships.

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Taken on March 18, 2008