where is that light from?

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    No idea how that reflected light got on her face, but I sure do like it.

    Ah. I was going to talk about something else, probably something about how awesome Blaise is, and how I could shoot her for a good long time without even thinking about tiring, but looking at this shot again made me realize another topic I wanted to broach.

    Buffy vs Angel.

    It's a nerd question, yes. But beyond that, it encapsulates so much about what people look for in others.

    Talking to a girl I know the other day (not blaise), we were discussing our love lives (or lack thereof), and I mentioned how I had already crunched the numbers in my head, like I do for...well, all the women I know, and that no way were she & I right for each other. I gave her several reasons, but the one that really brought it home was, when proving to her that she was not Nerd enough for me, I asked her which was better, Buffy or Angel.

    "I don't even know what you're talking about," was the response, I believe. And that was that.

    And "that" is, deep down I think people are looking for someone like that to be with. Someone who not only shares a particular interest, but who understands the same cultural references. Who is both interested in and knowledgeable about the same thing as oneself.

    Maybe. Maybe I shouldn't be writing this at midnight, when all my hindbrain wants is another piece of hawaiian sweet bread.

    But I think I'm on to something, and this shot reminded me of the whole thing because Blaise and I indeed had this discussion of which was better, and we came down on different sides, which means we can at best be friends, at worst, the bitterest of enemies. The kind of enemies who have a grudging respect for their foe, a deep understanding, and that makes it all the more contentious.

    I'm going to write it up as a thesis, and the title will be, Buffy v. Angel, and the necessity of shared knowledge bases in interpersonal relationships.

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    1. Lou O' Bedlam 85 months ago | reply

      christianel - thanks!

      rafmad - and thank you!

      keico - and thank you, too!!

      janjek - not all, but i sure have seen a lot.

      and that's the wrong answer.

      tony starr - i don't actually think about where the light came from, it's so nice i just enjoy it.

      jipps - heheheh, right.

      emily reed - see, the deep crux of the debate is really an emotional one. most folk haven't seen the entire run of angel, but if you go back and....oh, sorry, went full Nerd there for a moment.

      ronenv.com - miss my pix? dude, i'm here every day. you come by again tomorrow, or the day after, i'll always have something. i'm a junkie that way.

      photographer padawan - tanks!

      buradori - and thank you! could be silverware, entirely possible.

      introspectrum - thanks!

      hogepodge - that's an excellent point, thinking on it, i have to agree with you, it's actually happened where a girlfriend went and watched all of Angel, and that actually brought something new for us to share.

      sophiecharlotte - thanks!

      beauty in the dark - watch Angel. trust me.

      and thanks! had no idea i was a "best seller." i wonder at the accuracy of their algorithm.

      oh, and also, there's a softcover option, bit less expensive.



      she has a gun - thanks!

      sxyblkmn - you must look within for that answer.

      madic - thanks, man!!!

      el phoca - nope.

      >> >> >> - well you're just crazy. most TV, like any other art, is crap. but the good stuff? just as valid as film. The Wire? Six Feet Under? The season 2 ender of Battlestar Galactica? Gold.

      got2knit - it tastes sooo good.

      painted land - no, but he does factor into the answer.

      m.qat - thanks!

    2. Rachel Labrucherie 85 months ago | reply

      is the light from a spoon or something metal on the table?

    3. Painted Land 85 months ago | reply

      I was pulling your chain with "Spike," since my true answer is "Firefly." Are you reading the Season 8 comics? I've heard they're legit, but I always wait for trades...

    4. bebesaurus 85 months ago | reply

      BUFFY! Pre-season 5 and the whole Glory thing. I really think with the whole Buffy thing is that some of us... don't like change. The start of many seasons are the best and then... it changes, it's just never the same, and your love for it can wane. I duno, then Angel left, Spike turned good (?!), and Dawn?? Ergh and then Glory..

      Angel had 1 good season (in my opinion) and then Doyle had to go and die. Angel doesn't have the scooby gang! And it got Wes, ergh.

      All up, I have to go for Buffy. So corny, it's awesome!

    5. Andrei Armeanu [deleted] 85 months ago | reply

      I think the light comes from a knife or a spoon an the table! Or maybe from a small pocket mirror! Or maybe there is some alien shit involved... i still love the pic!

    6. Blaise K 85 months ago | reply

      somehow i missed that you posted this. i like this one more now than i did then. and i believe i have the answer to the light question. it could've been silverware on the table, but i think i was actually holding a stack of polaroids you'd taken that weekend in my hand. the light was bouncing off of your pretty pictures....


      was i aware that we were having a buffy vs. angel discussion??? i thought the debate was buffy finale vs. angel finale (...by the end of which you sorta kinda nearly had me persuaded...)!!!


      we still would've come down on opposite sides, i'm afraid. heh. still, at the end of the day, it's all one special universe, no? i'm glad you're in it.


      {{{{{{buffy forever plus infinity!!!!!!!!}}}}}}

    7. Lou O' Bedlam 85 months ago | reply

      rachel brooke - i think blaise nailed it. reflection off polaroids.

      painted land - firefly, good stuff. but like a unicorn, it was too beautiful to live.

      wait for the trades, but it's some solid storytelling.

      bebesaurus - the thing about Angel? only so so for 3 seasons. horrible for one. but season 5 i'd put up against anything buffy did. cept the musical, that shit's off the chain.

      andrei - Polaroids.

      blaise - true, i was expanding the core of the discussion for my thesis.

      but the Angel finally is better, and you know it. PATHOS!!!!

      and, awwwwwwww.

    8. alessio grazi 85 months ago | reply

      This Amazing Work is born from a Noble Soul !

      Please add to Royal Group:
      Royal Group (Post 1 - Give 3 Crown)
      Royal Group (Post 1 - Give 3 Crowns)

    9. eugenio gp [deleted] 85 months ago | reply

      your portraits are full of life...

    10. Blaise K 85 months ago | reply

      does that say royal pic or royal pie.

    11. hiphop bob 85 months ago | reply

      buffy gets a royal pie?

    12. El Phoca [deleted] 85 months ago | reply

      HAHAHAHA Blaise!
      I believe it's PIE... look! the lil Napo is holding out a hot one! fresh from the oven!

    13. gillianleigh 85 months ago | reply

      fabulous light.....she's such a stunner!

    14. Rhett Redelings 85 months ago | reply

      Technically Buffy was superior but Angel really captured my heart.

      I married my best friend. She doesn't agree with me about Buffy vs. Angel. I think, for her, it will always be Firefly. It's a bit like arguing if an astronaut and a caveman fought, who would win?

      But, you see, at least we get each other.

      So. You're right, in my opinion.

      This shot is breathtaking, by the way.

    15. Needs a hug 85 months ago | reply

      very intense portrait!!

    16. .B.Side. 85 months ago | reply

      This is an amazing portrait

    17. »»» 85 months ago | reply

      Yeah, Six Feet Under - that's one of those few exceptions. (: I don't know the others you mentioned, though, ahem.

      (I like the Simpsons and I really liked The X-Files. I think the L-Word and Brothers & Sisters are good, too, but I haven't seen enough of either of them to be sure. Tell Me You Love Me is apparently really great, but I've yet to see it! Ohhh, and I've never seen Twin Peaks [it's a shame, really], but I'd be surprised if I didn't love it.)

    18. Grafik Mekanik 76 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Stunned by Beauty, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    19. SABITERU 53 months ago | reply

      lovely shot!!

    20. decembre 12 months ago | reply

      ► Thank you for your post in : Portrait★Faces★Open Minded

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