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Sabrina, Perfect

Been meaning to put this up for awhile. This is probably my favorite sot of Sabrina, I hope the reasons are clear.


The New York trip comes to an end today, I'll have shots up tomorrow, big thanks ahead of time to my sweet ass hosts Jen & Scott, the folks who met up with me, knowing nothing more than my photos, the folks who came out to a vaguely smelly bar in Brooklyn to watch me in the middle of my four day alcohol binge, hell, thanks even to the one dame that showed up at the bar only to disappear less than two minutes later.


Thanks to Jim & Jeremy, to Elizabeth, Barbara(who shall forever be my number one), to the B.A.T. crew, and a special thanks to Blaise, who posed and posed, despite rain, odd laundromat light, and me late because I was lost in Brooklyn. Easy to be sweet on a girl like that.


But them's pictures for the future. Today's Sabrina. Enjoy.

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Taken on February 5, 2008