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Jenn + iPhone = Magic. It's a Fact!!

I have no idea what this means. I am really enjoying my iPhone camera. Have I gone to the Dark Side? Am I mere days away from chucking all my cameras and getting a Canon D5, or whatever it's called, taking an online photoshop class and learning what HDR stands for?




But film IS expensive. When I go to the Tarina Tarantino christmas party, or my dad's birthday, I don't necessarily want to waste a Polaroid on people dancing to "Freedom '90" or the handing out of a seashell-shaped candy dish during the gift exchange.


And that's where the iPhone comes in.


"Let me take that shot of the person you've never met getting their Karaoke on," it says.


"Let me take that shot of your pre-teen cousins all sleeping, head to shoulder to head to shoulder, on the couch in the middle of the party," it pleads.


The iPhone is my "I am stranger to your country, and love your funny hats and green grass and buildings that do not have prisons for those guilty of THOUGHTCRIME," camera.




Oh, and right here it's my "this shot is probably bad, so let me take it, and if it's good, we'll put it on you and your beautiful model, as opposed to me, your Jesus Phone camera given from god," camera.

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Taken on December 9, 2007