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The Black Dragon, Svart Dyr | by Louis of Nutwood
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The Black Dragon, Svart Dyr

Tales of Valnötstrad


“The man stormed into our village as a sudden summer rain. His clothes were ragged, torn, and burnt, and his sunken eyes showed what could only be described as fear in its most visceral state. Before he could mumble a word, we knew the tale. We knew the threat.


How could we not? His town was the third to be attacked since last we saw the full moon. Soon, there would be no other villages left untouched, and ours was just as exposed.


The man pointed to the setting sun, indicating the beast went to the west, where the dirt path led to the wetlands. We gathered our spears, packed our shields, and bid our loved ones, farewells.


Our feet sank with every step, and when the dirt path turned to mud, we heard the roar of a thousand demons, drifting among the woods. The party divided to flank whatever it was we would encounter until we reached a clearing. And there, we saw it.


Its meandering tail, its thick skin made of leather, its long neck that could reach the sky. From its end, yellow fiery eyes showed no recollection of a soul, but the primitive drive of a starving animal. He opened his pale wings and embraced the water, the trees, that small group of once brave, but now frightened warriors... it took the whole swamp.


Its belly shone and its teeth glistered with the blinding light of its breath. The cold wind became a scorching wave of flames that took our brothers and our courage in an instant. But with my last sigh of hope, I grabbed the shaft of my spear and threw it at the beast. The spear hissed, cutting the wind, the flames before it cut the dragon’s flesh and landed on its chest.


A demonic shout made the trees tremble and our hearts burst. With an impulse, the monster flapped its wings and flew away, leaving behind a hint of faith: a trail of red blood.


Svart Dyr, the Black Beast is what we called it. That night, we did not kill it. It is a tale for another night. But that was the night we knew we could.”


By Fobvr the Wise, my grandfather.


Louis of Nutwood



Built for CCCXVIII, Medieval Monster Menace Category.

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Uploaded on January 10, 2021