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Weaning the second time around

I've been very slow about uploading Snow White's weaning video, to the extent that I can add a clip of her eating at a year old as well.


She suffered from second child syndrome and instead of having lots and lots of exciting different foodstuffs in the first week we really just offered her a bit of what we were eating and she just had to get on with it. It doesn't seem to have done her any harm and she started using a spoon to feed herself at 11 months and a fork at 12 months.


Look at Goldilocks doing perfect parentese (sisterese? siblingese?) when talking to Snow White. See her at six months here.


The good thing about weaning a second child is that there is no concern about waiting until 6 months to start weaning. Once you've seen one six month old pick up a banana and start eating it, you tend not to look at a four month old and think they need solid food.

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Taken on July 25, 2010