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First Foods AKA "Oh, is that good?"

Thought you might like to see my daughter's first few meals. She's been EBF for six months and is now ready for solids. We're trying "baby-led weaning" which consists of giving her finger foods and letting her feed herself while you eat your own food (aka slummy mummy feeding but the fancy title makes you feel OK about not following Annabel Karmel). It's incredibly good fun but very messy!


So far the three most interesting observations are firstly that her first reaction to a food does not reflect how much of it she will eat. She loved mango, despite the initial face pulling (to be fair it could have done with another day in the fruitbowl). Secondly, so far she seems to be able to cope with large lumps of food quite well - I've included a short clip of her eating carrot so you can see what happens when she bites off more than she can chew. She's had a similar response to banana (not caught on video) and pear. Thirdly, the food she likes the least are the things that as adults we'd like least, boiled carrot (no butter or salt) couldn't compete with courgette fried in olive oil.


In addition to the foods in this video she's also tried broccoli (the least favourite so far), pear (which she adored), red pepper, papaya (half a fruit demolished in 10 minutes), rice cake, courgette, cheese, kiwi fruit, butternut squash and mushrooms. Yum!


If you want to find out more the best website on baby led weaning is Aitch's.


There is now a clip of her little sister starting to eat solids here.

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Taken on July 1, 2008