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9/52 Play - (part 1, The Adventure)

When I initially thought about this theme I immediately thought about childhood memories, and how I could refer back to it now that I'm in my adulthood.


A lot of my childhood is unfortunately a big bundle of blurryness for some reason or another, but I do remember hanging around at Holly & Abi's house with my big sister.


In the winters, we used to make radio shows on the cassette recorder, or write our own songs and record them, then play them in fast forward by half pressing the play button so we sounded like mice. Other times we'd make up dance or gymnastic routines to perform to 'the adults'!

I remember performing chumbawumba - tubthumping once, much to the dismay of 'the adults' who had to sit and endure the psychological pain that was us singing and dancing to such a hideously irritating yet catchy song.

Playing dress-up was so much fun! And making up stories to play along to was just the best.


In the summer we would play outside and climb trees, race up and down the footpath in a home made go-kart made out of an old pram, make perfume out of flower petals and mud pies out of.. mud. Go for bike rides or walks and picnics, make hide-outs and traps incase enemys ever found it!


I remember going on holiday to Devon once, to stay at 'cow poo cottage'. We made a film on the old video camera about a ghost girl who had emerged from the graveyard one day and it was our job to figure out the mystery of why. I can't remember why she was there, but I'm sure the video still exists somewhere, I hope so :)


My sister and I spent a lot of time at our Gran and Grandads house with our cousin Sam, making camps out of windbreaks and blankets, or playing in our cousin's tree house, going for long walks or bombing down the lane on the chopper.


Anyway, I won't bore you with any more.. that was fun remembering!

I'll get on with this week now!


Basically I took all the childhood memories I had, and thought about how I wanted to remember them.

Childhood is all about make believe. That's why it's so magical.

So I held that thought, raided my spare room for some bits & pieces, put on my "once upon a time" necklace, and went to my Dad and Step Ma's garden where at first I was going to decorate my little sisters wendy house, but the guineapig hutch was in the way! So instead I wandered around the garden and saw a tree that my Sister and I used the climb, but it must've grown a bit as I couldn't reach the branches (cue step ladder!). I used most of the supplies I'd taken along with me and sat down for a while to be creative.


If I was 7 again, what would I do here?


It was then that I spied my trusty steed right in front of me, and we would hunt. So I fetched my bow and arrow, and we hunted in the sunshine all day, we even tried to make a stop motion movie, but failed - I think!

After hours of galloping across the land, we came across a strange being. It spoke to us in a quiet whisper, we didn't understand what it was saying.. and it looked kinda, ooh I don't know.. tasty? So we ran, and hid behind the tree, I placed my one and only arrow in my bow and pulled it back. But then the feelings in my heart overwhelmed those in my stomach and I just couldn't do it.. just as I was about to retract my arrow and put my bow down to make peace with the being, my steed nudged my arm and alas.. the being was no more.


This week I have two entries, one from our adventure, and another for how it came to an end.

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Taken on March 6, 2010