• Be interesting to see how the new OS will effect battery life...

iOS 4 is here...

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Multitasking! (Really isn't a big deal to me, I mean... what do you _really_ need it for besides streaming radio and some chat clients?) I will say the new OS is noticeably faster, even with apps running in the background. Can't wait to see how fast it runs on the new hardware. Thursday yet?

Fitting that I just published my 2nd to last iPhone to Incredible post tonight... Really is outdated now with the new OS and hardware. iPhone is the winner, hands down.

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From iPhone to Droid...Android OS and Apps

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  1. Louis Abate 47 months ago | reply

    Remember when...

    iPhone Love

  2. [malcolmlewis] 47 months ago | reply

    Funny. Checking DS while iOS downloads onto my 3GS. Nice shot.

  3. LyddieGal 47 months ago | reply

    what's to remember? it's sitting next to me on the desk right now...

  4. Louis Abate 47 months ago | reply

    Haha. Going to be some big changes once you get your hands on the new hardware. Check out the video I just posted to YouTube.. It is hilarious.

  5. jeff_golden 47 months ago | reply

    Nice; I have been running iOS4 on my ipod touch for a while now through the dev program. Seems to work well.

  6. AlpineZonePhotography [deleted] 47 months ago | reply

    nice shot of the iPhone. I've noticed that SMS seems a little slower (use this constantly to communicate with the wifey), but the rest seems very smooth. Like the Google-iTunes tag. Great DoF

  7. StevenBrisson 47 months ago | reply

    iPhone 4...it's blazing fast. And so incredibly crisp. And Facetime is seriously wild. All in all, it's a huge leap forward from the 3G S.

    Fab series--love the varying depths and light sources!

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