Cant do anything

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    Cant reboot from CD, cant start diagnostics, cant startup in safe mode. I am fucked

    1. loufi ages ago | reply

      Dit probleem al gehad?


    2. stevenn ages ago | reply

      Nope. Opstarten in Firewire modus kwestie van data er al af te kunnen copieren?

    3. loufi ages ago | reply

      er staat gelukkig neit veel data op. Is een fresh install van leopard.

      Keyboard reageert op niks. Dus ook niet mogerlijke om enige vorm van diagnose te stellen.


    4. julian- ages ago | reply

      Assuming you didn't just try upgrading to Leopard and it therefore isn't this, have you tried resetting the SMC and PRAM? If you recently tried updating the computer's firmware, you could also try restoring it.

    5. loufi ages ago | reply


      Thanks for the suggestions.

      I can start up in single user mode. It looks like it is related to the Leopard ApplicationEnhancer bug but there is no ApplicationEnhancer.bundle installed on the machine. But it was a fresh leopard install :-S

      SMC and PRAM resets don't help and I can't recall a firmware update.

      Is it possible to start the install process from the command line and "pressing C" to boot from disc during startup doesn't help


    6. julian- ages ago | reply

      I'm sorry but I don't know if you can start the install process from single user mode, though my guess would be that you can't.

      I'm a little unsure if you've tried the instructions listed on the Apple KB article to remove Application Enhancer. If you haven't, I certainly think it would be a good thing to try, even if you never remember installing it.

      Although I'd guess you've tried this already, if you have a bootable backup you should probably try booting from it by holding alt at startup and then selecting it. Otherwise I'd give fsck a try, though the KB article for the APE problem seems to use it in one of it's steps, so if it didn't report anything was modified when you tried that, I'm not sure if there's much point using it on it's own.

      If you have Applecare, or an Apple store nearby, I'd recommend you give them a call or make an appointment at the genius bar at this point.

    7. studio muscle ages ago | reply

      Turned out to be a faulty graphics card or motherboard> Well it got changed in one day at the local apple store IT Pro. Must say I was pleased with their service :-)

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