5th Annual Ducati TT & F1 Symposium
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Lou Saif, Mike Weber, Ralf Stechow and the crew had done all the heavy lifting this year; Mike having scored a couple of garages (including #26) and Seth Wollins sprung for a big tent along the entire length of the outside wall. Ralph brought Jimmy's Cagiva GP bike that he completed last year and just finished the restoration of the final incarnation of the Leoni/Adamo bevel racer in time for the event. Lou barely got the two Leoni/Adamo TTs complete enough to roll into the trailer. Bill Swensen brought the rolling chassis that will eventually become Jimmy’s 851. Enzo Assainte brought an amazing collection of Adamo/Leoni memorabilia and a collection of period videos that would run throughout the event.

Display Bikes:
Lou Saif’s factory Ducati TT1
Mark Curtin’s Romanelli TT2
Mark Curtin’s ex-Dr. Keifer Harris TT
Seth Wollins’ ex-Dr. Keifer Harris TT
Seth Wollins’ Lou Saif NCR TT1 Replica
Mike Weber’s Harris TT1
Mike Weber’s Ducati TT1 Replica (barely completed in time)
Mike Vogt’s Ducati 900-based TT1 Special (all the way from Oregon)
Scott Kearny’s Ducati TT2 replica
Jenya’s Ex-Bruce Meyers Ducati TT2
George Vincensi’s Ducati Bevel Twin Racer
Ron Spordone’s Ducati Bevel Twin Racers
Steve D’Angelo’s (stunning) Moretti-framed Ducati 350 Racer
Brian O’Shea’s ex-Cooley Suzuki
Brian O’Shea’s ex-Shobert VFR
A gorgeous F1A and a pair of
Dennis Sandrock' s 1991 Ducati 851
Enzo Assainte's 1994 888spo
…and my Ducati TT1 Replica and Bimota DB1 Special

And the P89 racers were pitted adjacent to the Adamo area:
Richie Paxson’s Ducati 750F1 (he’s been racing it since ‘88)
Chris Jenson’s Ducati 750 F1 (ditto)
Bill Swenson’s Harris TT2 (a multi-championship winning bike)
Bill Swenson’s Ducati 750 F1 (raced by Robbie Nigl)
Mike Dube’s Meyers prepped Ducati TT2
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